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Real Moments

OHmygosh. I love these “real moments” we sometimes get when people let us see the “behind the scenes” stuff! Don’t you?! This was Thanksgiving & I was having my mom take pics for Christmas cards. I don’t remember what was going on here aside from the fact that I was going “full dork”. Apparently my little man was sick of it? I can only do so much of that without the, “MoooooM” look from him. Did you get that? It was Mom…totally dramatic. That last M was capitalized on purpose. He closes that word with vigor when he’s telling me “I’m done with your dorkiness”.

But isn’t it just FUN to drive our kids nuts sometimes?! 🙂 I do it in love.

I’ll tell ya what. That little guy keeps it real for me. That same night he sooooooo badly wanted to make a bed out in the living room and have a slumber party…just him and I. So, we did. We watched Elf (“I’m a cotton-headed ninny-muggins!”). We had a little fire in our fireplace. The dog decided to crash the party and lay ON me (she’s not little). It was awesome. I usually do work in the evenings and catch up with chores. I decided to just chill with my little man since he had been gone with his dad for 5 days and it was so great.

Do you ever notice your kiddos just really opening up to you more when you allow yourself to be less distracted? We can be “with” them and yet not be with them at all. So much distracts us these days. OHMYGOSH this is a huge struggle for me. I feel like just when I get home from work then other work is there for me. I have a really hard time just letting things be. It starts to stress me out and then it’s not good for anyone. I have recently really been putting effort into simplifying my life and focusing on really where I want my life to go. It’s a work in progress. BUT…I can see the effects on my son and it is GOOD!

Just sharing some reflections…