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About Vibrant Life

I provide certified functional health coaching to help you reach your goals through fitness,
food and toxin free living guidance. My unique investigative approach to client wellness
helps make a plan that works.

About Jessica Parker

I hold master’s degree in health psychology and am a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Functional Health Coaching.

In addition, I am a fitness instructor. My goal is to help other people design their lives in such a way that they are healthy, balanced and happy.

Important things to me in life are my faith, my family, exercise, chocolate, wine, my animals, my friends, good books, hammocks, camp fires, music, coffee, mountains, snow…and the list goes on. I am excited to share with you all the ways in which I have come to learn to invite balance into my own life.

So, “just what is a health coach?”, you might be asking. Here it is in a nutshell:

As a health coach it is my goal to help you reach YOUR goals. I will never claim to have THE answer. That’s because it doesn’t exist regarding your health and well-being. You are unique. Your needs are unique. Your body is unique. Your lifestyle is unique; even your struggles are unique. There is no magic pill (really…that’s the truth my friends). There is no cute, packaged little plan that is going to change your life overnight. What this whole thing is about is deciding what you want your life to look like (or what you want to look like in your jeans) and making a plan that will work…for YOU.

If you stick with me, you will most likely get pretty sick of hearing me say “balance”. But, I LOVE that word. I live by that word. I preach that word. I value that word. I do not believe in legalistic ways of living. I believe in LISTENING TO YOUR BODY first and foremost.

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. If I feel you have needs that extend beyond my scope of expertise, I will be pointing you in the direction of one such professional. In fact, I might even suggest a therapist. Sometimes our physical struggles have more to do with our heart and head than our body.

I meet with clients for a recommended 3 months minimum (this is really up to you, your goals, budget, etc.). I will “interview” you to assess your current habits, health issues, goals, struggles, etc. From there I will develop a specific nutrition and exercise plan that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

You will be checking in with me weekly to report how you did with your nutrition/exercise plan. We will be making tweaks along the way as needed. Also, checking in is crucial for accountability!

In order to get started, you simply need to book a FREE phone consultation with me. From there, you will fill out an intake form that allows me to get some history and important details in order to be able to help you in the most appropriate way according to what areas of need you have. It’s often a web of things going on that I help address in order to reach optimal and lasting goals.

Again, you will have options as to what kind of package you choose as we embark on this journey together.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals and becoming a healthier, happier YOU!!

Remember: YOU are entirely up to YOU!!!

If you are a woman who struggles with hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues or you’re just tired of being tired and need some support and direction; I invite you to join me over in my FREE Facebook community for women: Vibrant Life.

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