Tag: Managing Stress

Seeking Balance

According to dictionary.com this is the definition of wellness:

1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.
ACE Fitness expands on this by stating, “health and wellness does not mean ‘being without illness.’ Rather, health includes wellness — a sense of well-being and having a positive quality of life.”

We are multi-dimensional beings. To want to change one thing impacting my health means changing several things that I might not even be aware of. The opposite is true as well. When one thing suffers in my life, multiple other things are impacted.
So, what is my point? I’m pretty sure most of us are aware of these truths to some degree. The problem is, recognizing something does nothing for us until we put it into practice. Where are you with your stress level? Where are you with your faith? Where are you with your relationships? Are you in pilot mode? Are you numbing out on things so you can’t even answer these questions for yourself?
I encourage you to take a time-out. “But when? I have no time!” It’s about making the time. If we are off kilter with the things that matter most, our foundation is then off kilter and our entire lives are off balance. The problem is, we often don’t take notice until a crisis happens. We are set up, in our modern day society, to go 100 miles an hour, multi-task as much as possible, and “BUSY” seems to be a “value” we strive for. None of this is healthy, nor does it match any definition of health and wellness.

Give yourself permission to take a minute and breathe, regroup, listen and reflect. If not for you, then for those you love. It has a ripple effect!