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I Hate Carrots

I am constantly reading articles, blogs, books (ok I listen to them), listening to podcasts, connecting and following via social media…all health related stuff/people. I usually feel really excited and inspired about a very specific subject like adrenal fatigue, protein, balance, creating new habits, clean eating…(you get the idea) until… until it comes time to apply these things that I am learning about.
Anyone with me? It’s kind of that new years resolution “deja vu” we all experience. Know what I mean? Anyone ever feel like you are living a bad version of Groundhog’s Day?? But it centers around your habits and promises that “THIS TIME I will DO IT!!!”…

So, I recently started reading a book called “Carrots N’ Cake” by Tina Haupert. I was immediately drawn to this book. I wasn’t even in a book store. It was a store downtown that has some really eclectic stuff and some random books here and there. Among all this distracting, charming “stuff”, this book just caught my eye and drew me in. Meant to be? I’ll go with “yes”.

I have thought a lot about creating a new blog or book or something and entitling it “I Hate Carrots”. Why? Because I do. AND because it is a tiny bit ironic. Most people hear that I am a health coach and fitness instructor and hide their fast food wrappers and soda cans thinking I am going to critique them. And if I tell them my deep dark secret…that I hate carrots (gasp!), the shock is almost alarming. People shame me for that! It’s hilarious really.

Guess what?? I also hate celery. And beets!! Ok, one more…Lima beans!!!! GAG!

I just don’t remember signing a contract stating that if I became a health coach I must like EVERY. SINGLE. VEGETABLE. AND…I must be perfect.

At first glance inside of this new book I fall in love. I am on the SAME PAGE with this woman. I read in “Carrots N’ Cake” that she likes sweets and “not allowing myself to have them actually makes me sad”. I feel ya sista. Ok, before you start lecturing me on how that means I am addicted to sugar…back up the truck. I can go without and really don’t eat a lot of it. BUT, if I aim to take an entire “thing” out of my diet, I set myself up for failure. This is ME talking about ME and what happens to ME. What you experience with YOU is YOUR business!

So, this is where my favorite word BALANCE comes in. I say it a lot. I love it and yet I hate it because I say it so much I annoy myself with it. But, it is something I believe in, strive for and that makes me feel solid and grounded. I feel my healthiest when I have balance. You know…the ol’ 80/20 rule.

What is the purpose of this whole rant anyway?? I’ve decided that I was trying to present material that I agree with, yes, but that isn’t enough of a real experience for me. I want to help people make real and lasting changes. Guess what?? Sometimes that is just a really messy process. Really. Rarely is it a straight line from setting a goal to crushing it. Ok…NEVER is it like that. When we see success stories we see this clean, perfect, no struggles “before” and “after” and feel this surge of excitement because we KNOW that will be us in just 3 weeks with no effort other than saying “I’m in” and it will all magically just happen! Well let’s be real.

I want to share my “real” journey with ya’all. Yes, I’m a health coach, AND I am human. I am struggling through the messages and trends and buzz words with you all and trying to keep my eyes on the goal. I battle stress and sleep deprivation and cravings and just “not wanting to do it”, right along with you. So…let’s be real.

I’m hoping by “journaling” my messy journey, we can help each other along the way to our own balance. And remember, mine looks different than yours; which looks different than your neighbor’s; which looks different than your neighbor’s aunt’s second cousin’s, etc. Comparing is not part of the deal. Deal?

And with that…I’ll say goodnight and look forward to sharing some of the “stuff” I am doing currently to invite balance into my life.

Sweet dreams all!