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Sticking to it!

Wow, I have been so inspired by people I’ve had the privilege of coaching lately; whether that be individually, in a challenge group or in a class. It is motivating to me to see the hard work some of these people are putting into their plans and seeing it pay off! The truth is…there’s no magic potion or pill. Most of us really want that, though. Admit it. I’d sooooooo love to be able to sit down with a tub of ice cream at night and just go. to. town. AND wake up 5 pounds lighter. Magic.

It just sucks. It all takes work.

On the other hand…when it clicks and things are working…AMAZING. It feels beyond good to reap the benefits of honestly doing what it takes. It’s easy, though, to read a book, see an ad on TV, look at pictures in a magazine or WHATEVER and think, “OK. Today is the day!” How many times have you done that?

The things I have noticed in those who are just doing it?? Here it is…

They own it. Those who are really successful with a program don’t just do what is lined out, they tweak it to make it their own. They WANT to be successful and they do what it takes to make that happen. One gal in a class made a spreadsheet for herself to track her food in a way that really works for her. I’ve had other people make other charts that are similar. Some people take a Sunday and plan for the entire week ahead and that includes grocery shopping and food prep. Other’s need the freedom of having certain choices and then picking what they want dependent upon what they feel like that day. Being creative and building upon a program really makes it YOURS and makes it work for you. The one thing I would be careful about…NOT doing the program. Don’t change it so much that you aren’t doing it! It’s about enhancing a program, not nixing it altogether bit by bit.

They DO it. Ok, this might sound weird following the paragraph you just read. However, I have to emphasis the last part of that point…the program still needs to be followed. Make sense? Probably not. Am I confusing you? If you have a certain amount of food you are supposed to eat (yes I’m talking about calories) and you are supposed to exercise a certain amount of days per week (granted there are other parameters, but let’s keep it simple)…then do that. BUT, you can make up your own recipes, do the kind of exercise that you like, workout in the morning OR afternoon…up to you, etc. The bottom line is, you still have to do it if you want the benefits of following the program.

Little rant…there really are a gazillion programs and plans out there floating around that WILL work (even if some of them aren’t the healthiest options!!!). People go on and off of those programs daily. Is it the program’s fault?? Typically not. Unless you have underlying issues, such as thyroid, you’re on a particular medication, etc, then you should have success on a plan that you are indeed following. But, are you actually following it like you think you are? Or sneaking bits of this and that? Oops, too busy to workout for the third day in a row… It was so and so’s birthday, so I HAD to have the cake so they didn’t think I was rude (but I had two pieces! AND three pieces of pizza). Are ya pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down here? That leads to my next point…

They want it. Those people who want something SHOW it and they do something about it. They don’t just buy a book or sign up for a class. They have taken a good, hard look in the mirror and decided that how they feel now is not worth it. No excuse is good enough for these people. Instead of saying, “well, Thanksgiving is coming so I’ll be eating and hanging out with family…” they do what one of the participants in a class I’m teaching told me tonight. She said she’s aware of Thanksgiving and being away from home and around other family and she’s nervous about how she’s going to fit in her workouts…so she’s coming up with a plan ahead of time. YES. Of course there’s a fine line. We don’t wan’t people to freak out if they can’t workout and then end up obsessed and in a very unhealthy place (I have lived that life and I don’t miss it). But, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose and you can be honest and be real about the fact that if it’s not that excuse then it’s something else…then YOU, my friend, need to worry far less about becoming obsessive and fare MORE about DOING THE WORK!!!! Are you an excuse maker or an excuse smasher?? Get rid of them!!

If they fall, they get up immediately! Key word here is “immediately”! It’s one thing to slip up and have more than you thought you would at the part, or have an emotional day and use food to comfort you. However, do NOT let that carry into the next day. Start fresh and NO LOOKING BACK. We all mess up. We all stumble. You have to keep going and pretty soon those fumbles will happen less and less. I promise.

That’s really it in a nutshell. I could go on and on about this. Don’t be surprised if you are doing awesome and I come to you to pick your brain about it! I want to help other people have that same drive. It kind of fascinates me how some people just dig in and GO and others just chase their tails. What gives??? I am going to find out!

With that said…have yourselves a beautiful Thanksgiving! And, I hope you enjoy your last days of November as we get closer to Winter!!!

Love & blessings,

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