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Dream a Little Dream

Today Ashton and I spent some time on a couple of projects in the kitchen. He used to LOVE cooking and baking with me when he was really little. Not always the story these days. Today he was super into it and it just made my heart happy?

I am starting a new venture in life with my business and a lot of the “why” behind my goals are because of that cute, sometimes stubborn, often funny kiddo of mine. Today sure did validate my decision. He commented several times on how good it felt to just hang out and do something like that together…not be plugged in, not be rushing around everywhere, just be together and creating stuff. I was impressed by the maturity in what he was recognizing and yet wanted to cry at the notion of my 10 year old, that seems so old and so young all at the same time, essentially asking me for “more of this”.

Well, “more of this” is what we shall have. Life is changing. And, although I know it won’t all be easy…the sacrifice…I know it will be worth it.

I preach balance all. the. time. Well…here I am creating it. I’m leaving my job for many, many reasons. This living breathing example is one of them. Sometimes we have to step off our current path if it means staying 100% on a journey with those we love most.

Here’s one of the things we created ? A healthy “dessert”. You should try it! Ashton was impressed by my chocolate drizzling skills which made me think “oh I love that I can still impress you”. I know those days are numbered! I will cherish each one. ❤️


  • Cut up fruit
  • Melted chocolate
  • Melted chocolate AND peanut butter (Duh. Have to have this one too!)
  • Shredded coconut
  • Chopped nuts

You decide what fruit and how you want to assemble. As always: simple, easy & delish!

Now, go hug your little (or not so little) ones?

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